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Posted by on Sep 9, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sexy Swedish Screen Sirens

You are not going to find any Swedish screen sirens working for London escorts from, however, there has been more than one gorgeous Swedish screen siren. For some reason, Sweden seems to have the ability to produce sexy women with an air of sophistication. Many of them have become sex symbols and I do date the odd gent at London escorts who do mention them to me. It does not matter what you say, there seems to be something special about Swedish girls and especially Swedish actresses.


One of the most famous Swedish actresses was without a shadow of a doubt Ingrid Bergman. Not only was she a very good looking lady, she was also an excellent actress. She is perhaps most famous for her starring role against Humphrey Bogard in Casablanca. In the movie she delivered one of the most famous lines of all time. According to London escorts, she is a real legend and many London escorts wish that they had her good looks.


Anita Ekberg is another Swedish actress. Although she was an accomplished thespian, she is perhaps most famous for her generous bosom and long blond hair. She appeared in the movie Dolce Vita where she emerged from a fountain in Rome in a stunning white dress. From what I understand from the girls at London escorts, they thought that she was a bit of a Lolita in the early part of her career. But, Anita Ekberg did mature into a good actress and went on to become another Swedish screen siren according to London escorts.


Then we have Britt Ekland. Britt is still with us today and she lives in London. Maybe it would be fair to say that she is better known for her relationships than her acting roles. She was married to Pink Panther creator and actor Peter Sellers with whom she had a daughter. On top of that, she is famous for her relationship with Rod Stewart. Many London escorts think that she is one of the sexiest Swedish screen sirens. She is the only Swedish actress who has appeared in a Bond movie, and she seems to have done more modeling than acting.


There are other Swedish screen sirens well worth mentioning as well. We should not forget about Greta Garbo who famously gave the screen. She said that she wanted to be alone and that was the end of her career. Greta carried on living in New York for the rest of her life and there were many rumours about her sexuality. Still, she remains a legendary Swedish actress and her beauty is still much admired by London escorts. Yes, she was a stunning lady and it is a bit sad that she chose to leave the silver screen for a life spent on our own. There is something special about Sweden women. They seem to have a certain sex appeal and quality which you simply can’t bottle. You just have to admire their beauty from a distance.


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