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Posted by on May 24, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I change my career because of being a Lewisham escort  

All of us dream to achieve our goals in life. But some people can’t afford to make it. Most reasons are poverty or lack of financial. There are also people who are blessed but still ungrateful for what they have. They are dependent on their wealth and not take life seriously. Some people wish to be someone like them, and if lucky, they will do their best and make something out of it. Success comes when you are determined to reach your aims in life. Success comes to people who know how to work hard and wise enough. Success comes to people who never afraid to fail and succeed anyway. Success comes to people who take risks and struggles. If you want to be successful, we should keep moving.


My name is Rhea Angela, life for me is not comfortable. I live in Australia, and my only wish is to become a nurse. But no matter how many wishing stars I wish, it doesn’t matter if you have no money to finance yourself. My family is not wealthy, and all of us are working for our food. We went early and arrived late from work. Sometimes, I go to school and watched children discussing their learnings, assignments, and projects. I went to school but not straight since I need to stop when we are a shortage of money. But I promise myself that I will finish study no matter what happened. I work in different jobs and convince my parents to go back to school. I know it becomes tougher now and has a little rest, but it will not change my mind. During my secondary, I double my work because I need more money financially for school and family. Thank God, I finish secondary, but the problem is it’s more expensive in college. After graduation, I never enroll first in college and applied different part-time jobs to save. What I have heard about Lewisham Escort from is hiring, so I grabbed the opportunity and went for it. I’ve heard different stories about how women changed their life through that career, and I don’t want to miss the chance. The interview is done and waiting for the call. It took me a month to hear from them, but at least its good news. I was accepted to become a Lewisham escort and ready for the training. I became an officially Lewisham escort and enrolled myself. I quit all the jobs and focus on this career and school. I aim to impress my clients to give me an extra amount and help me financially. I have also passed the nurse licensure exam and little by little I am achieving my dreams. I became a Registered nurse because of being a Lewisham escort.


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